1.    I have known Mark Jervis for 15 years, both as a friend and a colleague, we work together on and off the range and are both enthusiasts in the sport of shooting. The more time I spend around Mark the more I realize that he has forgotten more about training, tactics, and the technical aspects of guns than I will ever learn. Mark is an excellent instructor and a fantastic person, he has a real interest in educating people on the subject of firearms and I assure you that nobody would disagree.

If you are considering Mark Jervis as an instructor then you need not look any further, he will provide you with an entertaining, informative, and honest instruction that you will never forget. Whether you have no experience with firearms or are a veteran on the subject, Mark Jervis will not let you down.

-Adam T.


2.    Mark Jervis and I met in 2002 during a planning meeting for the Law Enforcement Special Olympics Police Match held at the Roanoke Regional Firearms Training Center. We worked together during the planning, the preparation of reality-based shooting scenarios, and during the event. Mark performed range officer duties and assisted new and experience shooters. Mark was a tremendous asset in 2002 and each year following through 2006. Our relationship continued as we again had the opportunity to work together during Roanoke County Police Spring and Fall training.


While on the range I had the opportunity to observe some of Mark’s many qualities. Mark Jervis has an excellent knowledge of firearms, and the ability to interact with all types of people. Mark conveys knowledge in a manner that is respectful and receptive. What more could you want in an instructor?

It is an honor and a privilege to have Mark Jervis as a friend.



3.     As a high school teacher of young people who are considering law enforcement as a career I considered it a priority to have each student get firearm safety and experience training. When thinking about who I wanted to do this training for my students I considered myself very lucky. I had the sincere pleasure of getting to know and work with Mark Jervis during my time as a police officer. His kindness, easy demeanor and patience made him an easy choice as to who to ask to train my students each year in firearm safety, maintenance and certification. Each of the last 7 years Mark has been able to explain, train and show my students the professional and correct way to treat a firearm. I have personally watched as Mark has put timid students at ease and added to experienced students’ ability’s with a firearm. There is no doubt that if anyone were to ask me who to seek out to become proficient with and to be able to carry a concealed firearm I would point them in the direction of Mark Jervis.

Mark is an ethical and faithful man. He is also very patient and has a way of putting people at ease about things they are unfamiliar with. His knowledge of Virginia law and the expectations of a concealed weapon permit are on par with anyone. While I have made the choice to not carry, I understand the feelings of those that do. As a citizen it eases my mind to know that Mark has had a hand in training some of the people that do carry a concealed weapon. If my children want to carry a concealed handgun and need the training to do so, I will call Mark Jervis.



4.     Mark Jervis is an all-around excellent instructor. He knew that I didn’t have a lot of experience with handguns, so he helped me learn the proper placement of my hands on both my .380 and my .40 caliber weapons, as well as my stance while I was shooting. He took the time to explain the difference.